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Turkherptil is an affiliated member of Natural Europe Project

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Rules and regulations

Rules of uploading photos

1- Each member can upload only 2 photos per day. Only new members are given the possibility to upload up to 5 photos a day for a month, to give them the possibility to complete their portfolios. Photos in the “I know this” service can not be transferred to photo gallery before 2 days are passed.

2- Only one of the photos of a species taken on the same date and location can be uploaded, except for the photos showing different details on the sex and extremities.

3- Photos showing the same theme, taken during a field trip by multiple members should not be uploaded all once. Members should make appropriate arrangements/deals to upload these photos on different days.

4- Do not enter any information into the explanation field, which is already given in previous fields. Do not write only ellipses. You can leave this field empty or fill it appropriately with your technical observations. The official language which must be used in the entire website is Turkish. Local names of the species can be given after Turkish names are mentioned. Do not use this field, photos and the commentaries to advertise other web sites or mention people who are not members of the group – not even for acknowledgement purposes.

5- In the height field, only enter numbers. “Meters” or “m” will be added automatically by the system.

Technical rules

6- Do not upload any photos showing upper side of the fingers or the palms. Photos resembling humans should also not be uploaded. Just like all vertebrates, all frogs and herptiles are under law protection. You should always get the appropriate written permission from the official government departments, even only for taking photos.

You should also get special permission from the ethical council and ministry, if you want to captivate animals for scientific purposes.

7- You should not add frames to photos without important reasons.

8- Uploaded photos must have either 640x480 or 800x600 resolution. Photos must have the 4:3 aspect ratio and the size should not exceed 500KB (0.5MB).

9- Your signature should not be too big to distract the sight of the viewers.

Social rules

10- You should try and answer the questions and the criticism made to your photos.

11- Any criticism/comment bearing racist and discriminative aspects, as well as commercial adverts must be omitted.

12- You should always be polite and realistic in your comments.

13- You should not forget that the critics and comments made are for your own personal improvement and development.

14- Any necessary changes to the photos, asked by the commentators should be performed without any delay.

15- Photos which are meant to remind an anecdote or a joke should be shared within the “I am writing-I am learning” section.

Ethical rules

16- Considering that uploaded photos might be used for the build up of the ecological distribution information, you should be very precise on the information you submit in the date of shot and location of shot. In order not to give the local “collectors” the exact point of the species, never submit this kind of information on the site. Rather, name a region instead of GPS coordinates. Photos of dead or injured animals can be uploaded in the Observation or I am writing-I am learning sections. These kind of photos might have a bad impact on our younger followers and therefore should not be presented on the main page and gallery. There should be no signs of humans in the photos taken. Captivated animals and pets should never be uploaded.

17- Members can only upload self made photos into their own galleries. You can only use photos made by others, to describe a species, by prior consulting the group/family administrators and getting the permission of the owner.

Legal rules

18- Uploaded photos must not violate any regulation and law of Republic of Turkey.

Rules of adding content, making criticism and contacting

19- Any content added to the web site must be related to observation, photography, conservation and protection of frogs and herptiles as well as their ecosystems and biodiversity. It is not allowed to add any other unrelated content, including political, social and communal issues.

20- Whatever the reason is, you should not verbally target or attack an individual or a group.

21- You should try and omit personal discussions. Quarrels between members should not be carried on the website or in the commentaries under photos.

22- Politeness is the most important rule in any kind of communication. You should not insult, swear or use bad words against any member or person on the web site. You should try and omit polemics and endless discussions.

23- Any content added must fit within legal as well as ethical, scientific, social and cultural criteria.

24- All criticism and suggestions must be for the personal development of the members, to give advice, or to inform.

25- All forums and writings will be read through by a responsible group member selected by the group administrator and will be published only after his/her approval.

26- In any situation conflicting with the above regulations and rules, the group administrator must be informed immediately and asked for a solution of the dispute/problem.

27- Community administrator has the right to remove any content without prior consultation, in the case of breach of regulations and rules.

28- Any member who breaks the rules above for the second time will be removed from the system and his/her membership will be cancelled.

29- All members accept these rules and regulations automatically.

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